Love IT

Love IT is a combination of the love of I.T and the love of photography, and combining the two together....•

"The world of computers is growing at an un-recordable rate everyday"

I have over 16 years of experince working with tecnolgies and have also graduated universtiry with a foundation degree in computing i can but my mind to most things so if you have a computer problem let me know

"I picture speaks so many words and lives on"

I, have recently taking up a intrest in photography im no proffesional at this but do this as a hobbie i do however support a local Pit Bike Club (South Cost Pit Bikes) in attending there monthly gathering and take many photos on the day for them

What I Do


Click on the link below to find out more about my work with computers,

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Click on the link to see some of my photos along with links to my web pages for south coast pit bikes.

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